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Property Management Software

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All in one solution

Xero accounting ready

Whatsapp communication

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Rentancy software gives property managers the tools and insight to drive their business forward. To make better decisions, to stay ahead of future problems, to stay compliant and to deliver excellent levels of customer service.


Rentancy is a modern, all-in-one software solution that includes finance, property management and communications modules.


Rentancy scales from 50 to 1,000+ property portfolios.

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Rentancy Software Benefits

All in One

Rentancy has everything needed to manage a modern property portfolio. Enter your data once and never have to re-key as you move from task to task.

No more missed deadlines

Receive alerts in advance for contracts starting or ending, review dates or for documents expiring and for tasks. Never miss a deadline again with Rentancy.

Become insight led

Make better decisions for your portfolio with better insight on your portfolio, team, tenants, suppliers and clients.

Single source of truth

Rentancy connects to your financial ledger as uses it as the single source of truth. This means no more duplicate invoices or bills. Save hours daily using this simple but powerful approach to managing your finance data.

We do the setup

Our team can take care of the setup for you. We load property data, create opening balances and even perform a data audit for you pre and post go-live.

Work anywhere

Give your team, tenants and clients secure access to use the app anywhere. Rentancy works via web, mobile app. email, Whatsapp and internal messenger. Enjoy information at your fingertips.

All In One Solution

Rentancy brings finance, property management and communications together in one easy to use, modern and integrated cost effective solution.

Xero Accounting Ready

Xero is recognised by accountants globally as a leading financial ledger. Rentancy has made one of the most comprehensive integrations for the property sector. The combined solution can transform an agency or landlords finances, rent collections and cashflow management.

Whatsapp Communication

Whatsapp is the universal communication method of today. Loved by tenants, clients and staff alike. 

Rentancy provides a powerful inbox that lets you centralise all communications and manage the tricky topics of GDPR and privacy.

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