Ideal for  busy managers of: commercial property, schools,
estates, hotels, restaurants, retail and more

Rentancy gives you the essential tools you need to stay
organised and compliant. Sign up free or view a demo to
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Rentancy automatically analyse documents for you, extracting key information such as contacts, compliance dates, This not only saves you time keying data it helps you stay compliant




Upload a floor plan and interactively add assets to the plan. For example: fire extinguishers, alarms, locations of asbestos, plant and more. Use for H&S briefings and better property management

Health & Safety

Always stay H&S compliant by automatically tracking your property document expiry dates. See everything in a single integrated dashboard and calendar view. Never miss a date


Upload documents and share them with staff, contractors and visitors. Create a single source of truth and cut email overload

Maintenance & Problem Reporting

Give your team and staff the tools to efficiently report property problems. Approve and turn into works orders. Run Planned Preventative Maintenance and stay organised

Collaboration with Staff & Contractors

Rentancy comes with built-in communications and task management. Securely send notices to contacts and assign tasks, Communications can be direct or in groups, including file sharing and more

Approve & track property expenses

Rentancy connects with accounting packages and can help streamline and track property related expenses such as rent, insurances, contractor works, servicing and more

Use Rentancy Anytime Anywhere
Rentancy works from desktop, tablet or mobile. Stay productive and keep your property information a tap away