What’s All The App Chat About?

Since the start of the year 2021, there has been a lot of fluctuation with Chat users jumping from one platform to another: but why?

Some Chat platforms have updated their privacy policies making users reconsider how comfortable they are (or not) with allowing their data to be used in various ways even if it is to improve their user experience.

We all use chat platforms, and it is ironic to think that even though we’re using new technology, we are going back to the days of writing to our friends and contacts vs. speaking on the phone! Why? There are obvious benefits, e.g., first and foremost: time! Instant messaging allows you to communicate with multiple contacts, grabbing their attention at any time and catching up on day-to-day life. It is an incredibly effective way of staying connected with the daily goings on with your social network.

So, a lot of disruption on the social chats, but is there a chat platform for business? There are a number of platforms which provide useful messaging services for internal teams but interestingly, very few chat platforms cater solely for business.

Rentancy however is one that has stepped forward and is specifically designed for the property management industry. It is rapidly becoming the place to go to in order to improve all communications with the various stakeholders.

Rentancy allows users to interact with each other for every step of the letting process. Prospective tenants can be added to the App to receive information on apartment viewings and once they accept the tenancy all of the relevant documents are shared via the App. So, it is far more than just a chat function. Once they are in their new home, if there are any problems, they can swiftly send problem reports, due to an in-built problem management solution which Rentancy has developed.

At the management end, documents can be loaded for specific tenants and problems swiftly rectified. Furthermore, team members can be added if someone is off, ensuring that communications are always answered swiftly. Rentancy also ensures that all communications are in one place. Rather than phone calls, emails, sms or other social chat platforms, Rentancy amalgamates the lot! You can set up and name groups and use it with clients and team members. It has a wonderful clean layout, and you can even use emojis to add character to your messages and brighten up someone’s day!

In the same way, chat platforms are the new way of social communications, there’s no doubt that Rentancy is the new way of doing business in property.


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