Usability & Design Updates

New Improvements Added in September

At Rentancy we believe that a great product is a product that evolves inline with user’s needs.

We have spent countless hours collecting feedback and analyzing user workflows to understand which areas within Rentancy need to be the priority and which need improving.

We are proud to announce new updates, we believe, will make your experience using Rentancy better than ever.

Here’s what we’ve been up to in recent months:

  • Updated IOS and Android applications with customisable notifications.
    You’re now in full control of the notifications you receive as well as their frequency.
  • New global ‘Add’ button for adding a Contact, Property or Contract from any page within Rentancy app.
    Adding a Contact, Property or a Contract is even faster and can be done from any page within the app thanks to the Global Add button located at the top of the screen.
  • Add property activity directly from Activity Tab.
    For simpler workflow. we have created an ‘Add Activity’ button within the Property activities tab.
  • Ability to add expiry dates for any attached documents.
    Now you will never miss any of the document expiration dates uploaded into Rentancy. Simply add the document expiration date while uploading and be notified when it’s the time to renew – it is as simple as that.
  • Any expiring documents attached to a property or a contract will appear in the relevant property’s Activity Tab and in the Smart Calendar.
    Not sure when the document is due to expire? The document expiration dates can now be found in both Property Activity tabs as well as the Smart Calendar.
  • Filter Tasks in a workspace by Property, Date or Assignee.
  • Updated email notifications for received messages and expiring documents.
  • New faster and more efficient search.
  • New re-designed Contracts tab.

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