The best apps for property managers that work with Xero

Keeping track of financial transactions and managing day-to-day operations can be time-consuming and challenging. However, using a property management app that integrates with Xero can make these tasks easier and more efficient. By automating rent collection, expense tracking and financial reporting, property managers can save time, reduce the risk of errors and improve cash flow management.

In this way, integrating a property management app with Xero can help property managers to streamline their processes and focus on other aspects of their business, such as tenant satisfaction and property maintenance. In this age of technology, using an app integrated with Xero is a smart and easy way for property managers to stay organized and manage their properties effectively.

Why must a property manager use an app integrated with Xero?

Here are a few benefits of integration with Xero:

Streamlined accounting processes:

Property managers need to keep track of their properties’ financial transactions, including rent payments, expenses and supplier invoices. By integrating with Xero, a property management app can automate these processes, reducing the risk of human error and saving time.

Real-time financial reporting:

Xero integration allows property managers to generate real-time financial reports. This can help to make informed decisions about the properties and identify potential issues before they become major problems.

Improved cash flow management:

An app can automate rent collection and help a manager to keep track of late payments. This can improve cash flow management and reduce the risk of financial problems.

Enhanced data security:

Xero is a secure cloud-based accounting software that offers several layers of protection for financial data. Integrating with Xero can help property managers ensure their financial information’s security.

Why not manage the tasks manually? Is there a risk?

Technically, a property manager can manage their tasks manually but doing so can come with several risks and limitations. Here are a few reasons why a property manager might want to use a property management app to help manage their tasks:


Manual management of tasks for those who are responsible for multiple properties will definitely be time-consuming. Manually tracking rent payments, maintenance requests and other tasks can take up a significant amount of time, leaving property managers with less time for actual maintenance tasks.

Increased risk of errors:

A property manager may forget to follow up on a maintenance request or miss a rent payment. These errors can lead to unhappy tenants and financial problems for the property manager (for example, a fine).

Limited access to information:

A manager who tracks rent payments manually may have a difficult time generating real-time financial reports or identifying tenants who are behind on their rent.

What property management app integrated with Xero to choose?

There are several great apps for property managers that integrate with Xero which allow property managers to streamline their accounting processes and provide real-time financial reporting. Here are some of the best options and why they stand out:

Property Tree:

Property Tree is an all-in-one property management software that includes features such as tenant and owner portals, inspections, maintenance management and trust accounting.


Re-Leased is a cloud-based property management platform that includes lease management, rent collection, maintenance management and reporting. It integrates with Xero to automate accounting tasks, like reconciling rent payments and managing invoices.

Maintenance Manager:

Maintenance Manager is a software solution for property maintenance management. It includes job scheduling, work order management and tracking of job completion. It integrates with Xero to streamline the billing process and provide real-time financial reporting.


RentHQ is a cloud-based property management software that includes tenant and owner portals, rent collection and maintenance management. It integrates with Xero to simplify the accounting process and provide real-time financial reporting.


Rentancy is a cloud-based property management software that offers the following: tenant and owner portals, online rent payments, lease management, maintenance management and financial reporting. Rentancy integrates with Xero to provide seamless accounting integration, allowing property managers to track financial transactions and generate real-time financial reports.

Rentancy offers several unique features such as:

Automated rent collection:

Rentancy allows tenants to pay their rent online through the tenant portal. Rentancy can automatically reconcile these payments with Xero, saving property managers time and reducing the risk of human error.


Rentancy is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing property managers to manage their properties on the go.

Customizable reporting:

Rentancy offers customizable reporting options, allowing property managers to generate reports that meet their specific needs.

Task management:

Rentancy offers task management features, allowing property managers to assign and track maintenance and repair tasks.


Let’s face it, to achieve the goals of every property manager – maximize the return on investment for the property owners, ensure the property is well-maintained and in good condition and keep tenants satisfied – a property management app must be used. Depending on your preferences and plans, you can choose from a variety of apps.

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