Stand with Ukraine in their time of need

Hi there, I am the founder of Rentancy and I have been working with Ukrainian teams since 2014. I can say they are peace loving and an amazingly strong people. They are dealing with an unwanted, deadly invasion and are having to defend their land, homes and way of life at this very moment.

When the invasion began, I flew to Krakow and on to the Polish border with Ukraine and waited for my loved ones and friends. I witnessed the start of a humanitarian crisis which has now surpassed 2 million and growing.

Read about my experience here:

Together with 4 women who crossed the border into Poland, we set-up a donation and funding page to help those still in Ukraine defending their land. We have raised €30,000 in donations and pledges.

We have been using these funds to purchase priority requested medical supplies, defensive equipment and to support further shipments from the UK.

If you would like to support our efforts please donate using the link below.

Help and Donate

Here is a summary of items we managed to procure across Europe:

Medical supplies procured from Rzeszow in week 1

We loaded supplies directly to vans that were returning to Ukraine. These were driven by volunteers or those returning to Ukraine to defend.

We bought sleeping bags, ear defenders, protection equipment.

In the UK we supported teams providing connection into the Ukraine.

We were able to source vest plates for 50 soles and bring them to the Polish border.

The vests for the plates were made in the Ukraine and we are using donations to obtain more.


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