Rentancy July Feature Update

It’s been a busy month for the Rentancy team, between setting up trials for new customers and looking after their requirements, the development team have been working on some exciting new features on our journey to bring the right people, tools and documents together into a neat new property management tool. Below we demo our new group chat function and for those who would prefer we’ve also added a transcript:


Becki: so today I’m going to show you our new features on Rentancy from July. From speaking to agents we know that quite a few are already creating WhatsApp Groups and we want to simplify the process, so that it’s all within one easy app and this will help our agents and more agents moving forwards.

So if I go to the Rentancy icon, now we’re within the app. We have created some use cases for chats, so we have one for check outs and an internal one for summer parties, so this would include internal team members or whoever you’re planning on inviting. You’ve also got a company appointments group, a general group and you’ve got a group for a plumbing issue at Marner Point- so this gives you some examples of how the chat and group function could be used.

So if we go to the Flat 1 Marner Point plumbing issue group for instance, here we have got four contacts and we could write a message to resolve the plumbing issue at Marner Point. Within here you can also leave the group, rename it or resolve the conversation for agents and just like whatsapp, or any chat program you’d be able to have a discussion.

If we then go to the plus symbol I’m going to show how we’d create a group, so if we go down to your contact list and if we were to pick a couple of people → create a group → group has been created. Let’s say for instance that we have got an external conversation, so we have the landlord and the tenant discussing a renewal on Marner Point. ** renaming the group Marner Point contract renewal ** so we’ve renamed the group so everyone is on the same page as to what the group is for and I’m going to type a message in. ** Message typed in leaving the landlord and tenant to liaise and reach out if needed** Here we go, so we have put the message within the group to connect the landlord and the tenant and discuss the renewal.

So this is an example of one of our new features. We are adding new features every month and we’d really love to give a demo on Rentancy as a whole and to show more of the features, so please feel free to reach out. We’d love to chat to you and get you set up.

To book your complimentary demo with Rentancy sign up here:


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