Provide shelter, help Ukraine

Landlords and agencies may be considering offering accommodation to displaced Ukrainians. The UK is currently changing its rules to make it an easier process.

Currently due to marshal law in Ukraine, only women and children are allowed to leave. The exception being if you have 3 or more children. While the UK is more than 1,200 miles from the Polish/Ukrainian border, EasyJet flights to Krakow mean it is only a 2 hour 30 min flight to Gatwick or Luton. So the UK is a practical solution.

Rentancy is proud to support Ukraine and has a team of Ukrainian bookkeepers and administrators in-house. If you would like to discuss or ask questions about what may be involved with being a UK sponsor we would be happy to help – simply contact us below:

We are also helping local families support Ukrainians in our own network and we are happy to connect you and share what we have learned about the process and what is involved.


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