New Feature: Work Orders & Job Sheets

Organising maintenance has never been so easy with Rentancy’s work order templates and job sheets.

Adding a work-order to an incoming tenant request or inspection is absolutely critical for property managers to not only record the information for record keeping, but to execute on solving the problem quickly and efficiently.

Anyone who knows anything about property management will tell you that having a system/process that can capture all updates and give you flexibility to add all relevant communication and documentation will go along way to helping complete more jobs with the highest level of customer service.

This workflow has been proven for Rentancy’s outsourcing team who works with clients to help process property maintenance and compliance. They were directly involved in the design and refinement – helping to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Interested in learning more about Rentancy, our outsourced PM services or actually just fancy a chat? Give me a call on 07593152382 or email me at


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