How to take control through burnout

LinkedIn and the Mental Health Foundation conducted a survey of 2,000 people and found that the average Brit is putting an extra 28 hours of overtime in a month and 56% said that they felt ‘more anxious and stressed’ about work than they did before the pandemic.

Alarming figures and it seems like the business as usual expectations have not been calibrated into our new lifestyles and for some there is just not enough hours to juggle everything, or to switch off when the work day finishes.

As we work to separate our work and home life, juggling increasing work expectations and with often heavier loads than before, it can be hard to celebrate the success of being busy, while managing to keep on top of everything.

With all this in mind it’s not surprising we could be facing a mass burnout by the end of the year.

So how can we help you avoid it?

  1. 1. Know your breaking point

Even though it’s hard to unplug just now it’s important to know your breaking point and act on it. Something as simple as taking a day off, seeing some friends or just switching off can really help.

  1. 2. Fill your day with what you love and re shuffle tasks where required

Fill your day with what you love and what you’re good at. If you’re not organised pass these tasks to someone who loves organising and so on. Make sure everyone is doing tasks they love and it’ll be harder to get burnt out.

  1. 3. Schedule time out

Schedule this in your calender, just like you would an event. This will help you to make sure you take it. Even if it’s just 30 minutes outside during the day, your get back feeling a lot more recharged than if you work through.

  1. 4. Change your environment

Environment is everything and with wifi almost everywhere now it’s unlikely you can’t change your environment and if only for a few days your still feel the difference.

The final point which we think is key to setting yourself up to win is to use a property management tool. Rentancy will help streamline a lot of processes while keeping you in touch with your team, on top of tasks and in the loop with your business. Scheduling time out to find out about a tool like Rentancy could help in the long run to reduce burnout. Find out more here


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