Getting lettings back on track post lockdown

The outbreak of COVID-19 has transformed our daily lives and has had a major impact on the residential lettings industry. Social distancing and being confined to our homes has altered the way the industry will work for the time being and perhaps permanently. Unsurprisingly, some agencies have struggled to adapt, furloughing staff and trying to navigate through the uncertainty.

Even though restrictions have now been eased, the property market still needs to regain traction. With this being said there are three influences that regularly see properties come to market, with divorce along with death and debt being the main contributors, and with COVID-19 affecting all three Rightmove has reported a surge in demand for rental properties, mainly putting this down to relationship breakdowns. Looking at sales there has also been an uplift from divorces, which could potentially be as much as £9.3bn showing the impact on both residential sales and lettings coming out of lockdown.

It is now more important than ever to prepare for the new operating environment. With this is mind, below Rentancy shares some ways in which our new property management tool can help you thrive.


Personalising relationships with your customers

Now is a time to build relationships with potential and existing customers. Using Rentancy we can help, offering a chat function similar to Whatsapp, a place to store documentation and problem reporting all in one neat portal. We’ve even made it app based so you can manage tasks on the go. Your customers using our chat function won’t feel too dissimilar to messaging a friend and creates a feeling of familiarity bringing them closer to you and creating a more personalised service.

A more digital solution

With people being more cautious than ever and companies wanting to act responsibly whilst COVID-19 is still a challenge, digital solutions are becoming more important in property management. With digitised journals and letting journeys being completed remotely you can still keep your service at the heart of what you do, while taking it online with Rentancy. Rentancy allows your company to keep up to date with the latest tech, meaning you can continue to excel and not get left behind.

Adapting to the new normal

Adapting to the new normal can feel like guess work and quite uncertain but the more we automate processes and connect every one to one platform the easier it will be to put plans in place however the future turns out. Now is a time to plan for different eventualities, while making sure your business thrives with the right technology, and while still keeping customers at the heart of what you do.

If you’d like to find out more about how Rentancy can help, signup for a free small teams account to trial or contact us and arrange a time to talk.


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