Get to know Hannah – our Head of Operations

Please join us in welcoming our new staff member…

“Hello, I’m Hannah and I joined Rentancy in February as Head of Operations and Client Success.

I have been working within the industry for 10 years and within property management for 8 years. During my time in property management, I have worked for outsourced management companies, supporting many agents – helping them to grow their property portfolios throughout the United Kingdom. I have experience working across more than 5,000 properties and more than 20 agents.

Over the last 10 years, we have seen a shift in the industry, with prop tech now at the forefront for most agencies: from advertising through to client accounting – helping to streamline the working day.

Joining a prop tech company and bringing my experience has been an exciting move for my career. I have worked with almost all the leading property management technologies and systems and have a good sense as to what really works and what to avoid.

As property managers, collectively we are often known to rely on spreadsheets and the use of many different software packages to keep track of our daily tasks and compliance deadlines. At Rentancy we are helping to eliminate the need for so many different systems, tools and integrations.

Rentancy has an incredible feature set and particularly good is its integration with Xero Ledger, to provide a robust, financial led solution for client accounting.

At this stage, I also want to say that Rentancy is actually becoming more than just the software. It is now offering a full service solution by connecting agents with client accounting services, bookkeepers and property management support teams.

I am genuinely excited to be bringing my experience to help fellow property professionals streamline the daily grind of: property management, client accounting and all of the headaches that comes with it!

We have a fantastic team that is experienced and ready to help our customers deliver a truly next-generation level of customer service.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to discuss property management, client accounting or proptech – I look forward to hearing from you.”

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