A simple observation, but industry changing

Small changes in our habits can change a whole industry.

Two simple questions: do you still enjoy sifting through your daily email conveyor belt for important emails? Do you still enjoy listening to voicemails?

The answer is probably no. For the current teenage generation, email is like asking a person to send a fax. Probably yes, given time, they could find an online service, but every minute they would be asking, but why!?

Messaging platforms have become the norm for the young (for example, try sending an email to your kids and waiting for a reply). For the rest of us, in our working prime, we are currently and subtly torn between our old ways (sending email) and our desire for a bit of simplicity and immediacy (lets message instead). If you play this trend out over the next 10 years, its a simple conclusion. Think email as faxing and the future as messaging.

What does this mean for the property industry? It is built on shoe leather and conversations. But this subtle trend will impact every agent, property manager or landlord and they will need to adapt.

This is why we set out to build Rentancy: we want to power the property industry and allow it to fall in love with messaging.

Our proposition is simple, we bring conversations, property documentation and tasks together in one easy to use platform. We have started in residential lettings but will help every professional in all property sectors to make the transition to a messaging based future.

Join us on our mission, try Rentancy for your business. Rentancy is free for small property teams forever.


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