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"I cannot express how invaluable Hayley at Rentancy is to Radstock Property. Her attention to detail, knowledge and support are second to none and we simply could not run our business without her."

Radstock Property

"I have been able to hand over all aspects of property management to Hannah including renewals, rent reviews and all maintenance issues. The communication is excellent. Any reservations I had were completely put to rest. In fact, I often call Hannah for advice!"

Charles Louis Lettings & Property Management

" We have been using Rentancy for over a year and the offering is superb. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rentancy."


About Us

Rentancy provides outsourced bookkeeping and property management services to lettings agents. Our teams use a wide range of different lettings software solutions daily.
Why we offer support?
We've been in similar situations ourselves - with the pressure of deadlines looming too. If we can help, we will. In return, perhaps we can tell you a little about Rentancy?
How we use software
Our teams using the leading industry software daily to perform:
Client Cash Accounting Pay-ins / pay=outs Property maintenance Referencing Deposit handling Tenant support
Our limitations
We cannot assist in the following areas: security related such as:​
password account resets handling any personal data billing and account matters questions related to leases outside of the UK.
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