Easy invoicing and collection

Rentancy lets you generate invoices for leases, service charges and tenancies. You can then easily track payments and manage rent arrears in realtime with ease.​

Your accountants and advisors will value the simplicity and the intuitive way Rentancy syncs with Xero.

Auto expense allocation

Automatically allocate bills to properties to and obtain up to 3 approvals before payment.

Rentancy supports bill splitting across properties and provides profitability reporting by property or portfolio.

Simplified client money accounting

As an agent, managing client money can be time consuming. Rentancy finance is designed to connect with client accounts and manage payments.

Rentancy can also automatically raise management fees, prepare client summaries and other client reports.


Rentancy + Xero provides all the critical financial reports you need to run a property business and have business information at your finger tips.

Manage your portfolio and make better decisions.

Track your property at a glance

Property Activity shows in one single view all: compliance, pre-planned maintenance, document renewals and ad-hoc tasks for a property. Neatly organised as a timeline so you never miss a date or action.

Document renewal reminders

Upload property documents such as gas, electricity, Health & Safety and set their renewal dates in a few clicks. Receive up to 2 reminders by email and notification before the deadline. Makes managing hundreds of properties quick and easy.

Create, assign and track tasks from anywhere

Create tasks for your properties and teams on the go using PC or mobile app.

Assign due dates, append notes, link to a property or contract all in just a couple of taps.

Work smarter

It is easy to text or message anyone using free tools from your phone.

​However, as a property manager, the problems start when staff leave or you want to use communications as evidence against a disagreement or court action.

Rentancy gives you full control over your communications with your team, tenants, suppliers and clients.

Messaging integrated with problem reporting

Rentancy lets your team and tenants capture problems by mobile app or web. It turns them into trackable reports, tasks and works orders.

​Simply snap a picture, add details and tab submit.

Use messenger to bring tenant, suppliers and team into group conversations and solve problems faster.

Messages logically organised

See your team and tenant messages conveniently organised by last update.

Mark conversations as resolved when no longer needed and streamline your day.

Accessible by web or mobile app

Intelligent finance

Automatically generate invoices, allocate expenses and manage arrears from one place. Connects in harmony with Xero.

Work anywhere anytime

Draw key insights from having all your data online and accessible wherever you have an internet connection.

Built-in messenger

Collaborate more easily as a team and with clients. Unmatched in the PMS market today.

Smart calendar

Never miss any lease event or key date with our smart calendar that works by property, team member and for events, tasks and documents.

Streamlined workflow

Gain real-time visibility on your business operations by creating and allocating tasks by team member, property or contract.

Easy setup

We take care of the entire set up of your portfolio, our tools simplify the process and make sure you start from a solid base when getting going.

Commercial property management made easy

Why use Rentancy?

Experience on any device
Put your properties in the palm of your hand - from the site or the beach