How it Works

Thrive whatever the market conditions 
Rentancy streamlines the back office of agents and professional landlords.

We combine market leading software with in-house services and convert traditional fixed labour costs and expensive IT contracts into a low monthly fee per property.  

With Rentancy you pay only for what you need, based on active contracts.

We also take care of the setup and data migration.
We do not charge a separate setup fee.
We give your team full end-to-end training until they are 100% satisfied - again included in the service.

(for software+service solutions only)

Client outcomes
- Cut operating cost by up to 35%
- Collect rent and pay landlords faster - by up to 10 days faster 
- Improve compliance accuracy by up to 10%
- Save time not dealing with staff turnover and training, up to 2 man months/year
- More time to focus on new clients, gain 1-2 days/week back in time

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2. DIY
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