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The home of property documents, tasks, problem reporting and conversations.
Streamline your working day

Rentancy connects property teams with tenants, landlords and suppliers to seamlessly share rental property documents, tasks and conversations. Teams become more productive, more effective and better communicators.

Handle property problems effortlessly

With Rentancy, tenants snap a picture and the problem is validated before a new job is created. When repairs are needed, simply assign to a supplier and track the progress end-to-end through to bill.

See everything automatically organised

Rentancy provides the perfect home for all documents, automating the organisation by tenancy and property. No more hunting through emails to find paperwork or confirmations.

Designed for the Modern Property Team

Escape the office

Rentancy puts property rental information and conversations at your fingertips – on phone and desktop.

Teams can work anywhere, at anytime. They are more productive, can manage more properties and work more flexibly.

Keep compliant

Property team’s are having to work harder than ever before. Rentancy automates the huge daily inflows of information using automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It identifies and sets compliance renewal dates and keeps all information secure and safe. This means teams can run faster but stay compliant with GDPR and property legislation.

Stay in control

Rentancy is built from the ground up to connect teams together and to connect them with tenants and suppliers.​

Teams are more in control, become better communicators and can manage more properties – generating more revenue.

Features your team will love

Tenant Management

- Create chat conversations with tenants

- Securely share documents

- Built-in Problem Reporting

- Tenant mobile app and portal

- GDPR compliant

- Fully secure for team and tenants

- Assign activities

- Mark activity as Resolved

- All records stored and centralised

- Customisable notifications

- Easy tenant signup and invite process

Team Collaboration

- Create group channels for teams

- E.g. compliance, office chat, HR etc

- Direct chat between team members

- Share documents securely

- See who is online and in-office

- Desktop and mobile friendly access

- Fully secure

- Direct private chats

- Shared contacts

- Powerful search

Problem Reporting

- Problems validated before assignment

- Visual problem reporting

- Image and video capture

- Multi-channel; app, web and email

- Problem assignment

- Works order creation

- Status tracking

- Connect with chat conversations

Property Management

- Easy tenancy creation

- Manage tenancies by status

- Manage tenancy documents

- Bulk upload

- 3rd party app integration

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