Secure file sharing with best-in-class security features

With Rentancy, your documents are encrypted when uploaded. Sharing documents with tenants and clients uses best-in-class security features.

User permissions give full control over who has access to files such as tenants, landlords or team members.

Cloud technology allows you to collaborate anytime, anywhere

Putting your documents into the Cloud does not compromise security and provides unparalleled flexibility to collaborate on the go, whether in the office or on-site.

Fully Backed-up

All documents stored in Rentancy are backed-up to the minute providing confidence for continuous data access.

Simplified Compliance

Rentancy has an internal journal for activity. This records and logs when documents are added, shared and downloaded. Providing a powerful audit trail and visibility of tenants, client and team member activity.

Easy Exporting

Rentancy makes it easy to export your property documents should you want to backup locally.


Rentancy can connect with many leading property software systems. Talk to our team about your requirements.

Customer Support

Rentancy comes with training resources, plus built-in technical and customer support. Should you have a question or need help you can be confident our team will be responsive to your needs.