We are moving towards a greener future. Changing legislation and grants to stimulate property improvement.

Alongside you need a property management system that keeps you informed, compliant and ready to take advantage

How does Rentancy manage sustainability?

Simply snap a picture of a document and the HomeFile app does the rest. 

1. The brainy app works out automatically what the document is about.

2. It looks to see if you might be overpaying for the service if its a bill.

3. It creates handy calendar reminders for important dates as well as storing contacts.

4. HomeFile will organize and automatically file the document safely for you.

What can HomeFile organize?
  • Utility bills – gas, water, electricity
  • Product warranties
  • Tax bills
  • Vehicle documents
  • Servicing Dates
  • Insurance
  • And more
Reasons to Get HomeFile Today

1. Save money – HomeFile works out if you are overpaying and could be on a better deal.


2. Save time – snapping a pic and having everything in one place just makes life easier and brings Zen to paperwork.


3. Use your warranty – most people do not bother to register the warranty when they make a purchase. HomeFile can do it for you.


4. Moving home – finding all the paperwork and remembering who to update when moving is a tedious. HomeFile can do it for you.


5. Track subscriptions – with more and more subscriptions, it’s hard to remember which account and what service. Keep track using HomeFile.


Get some Zen for your paperwork and save money!

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