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Get more done
using Rentancy

Modern Property Management Software that simplifies your day



For commercial, industrial, office, retail and mixed assets


For lettings, landlords, housing associations and shared spaces


Give tenants a professional helpline. Take the pressure off your team to answer calls out of hours. Rentancy provides an on-demand service ready to help you. Cost effective from 99 p per call answered.

Rentancy Helpline is available 6am-9pm Mon-Sat and 9am-6pm Sunday providing on-demand support for lettings teams.

Helpline allows lettings teams to scale without having to commit to increased long term staff costs. We make it easier to scale businesses without the added stress. 

More than message takers

Helpline goes beyond message taking. Our team can be trained to use your systems and can raise: tasks, events and notes to fit how you work.

Customer service led 

Helpline gives your business a professional and consistent customer service experience that can help extend tenancies and keep clients retained longer.

Strong expertise

Our staff are continuously trained in property management and customer service providing a reliable and professional level of service. 

For Calls, Email, Chat & Social

Helpline provides support to your tenants across all contact points. We have a clear and proven setup, team training and security monitoring  approach.

All-in-One Lettings Software

Switch to a modern property management solution that is easy to use, intuitive and automates lettings. Cost effective from £1 /unit /month.
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Rentancy connects with Xero to automate rent demands, invoicing, expense allocation, payment matching, landlord reporting, KPI tracking and more, 

Increase team productivity by having all property information, data, activity and tasks just a one click away. This reduces errors, saves time rekeying and simplifies lettings.

Accurate Property Compliance

The Rentancy property calendar and reminder hub keeps track of all critical dates  including: contract events, payments, tasks deadlines and document expiry.

Built-in Problem Reporting

Tenants and team can conveniently report problems with photos. It is then easy to turn those reports into trackable tasks and works orders.

Best Practice Customer Service

Rentancy lets you manage tenants and clients your way - using email, chat or phone. All changes made to property data are journaled giving a clear audit trail across the team.

Fewer Compliance Headaches

Set compliance reminders, create tasks, checklists and document expiry dates to stay compliant and property maintenance under control.

6 modules that connect and streamline property management

Reasons to Choose

Increase Occupancy

Using Rentancy's Customer Service tools helps you retain your best tenants for longer. Cutting churn, re-marketing costs and increasing occupancy

Win More Time Back

Rentancy's automations for finance and compliance give you your time back. Leaving you free to focus on relationships, growing your portfolio or simply enjoying more free time

Future Proof

Future proof your business for a more connected and digital future. Rentancy can power your business for today and prepare you for tomorrow

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