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Bring all your client and tenant conversations together

For small teams to use for an unlimited period of time. 


Up to 10 properties

£0 / mo

Top features:


Tenant Management

Team Collaboration

Problem Reporting

Property Management

Document Management

Tasks & Reminders

Own Branding

E-mail support

When talking with clients, tenants and suppliers, using the many apps available today, it is hard to keep track of what was said and agreed.

That is why Rentancy is bringing all communications into one place for you. It is the perfect tool to capture property related emails, voice calls and chats in one place - putting them next to your property information.  

Connect using Client Portal 

Rentancy come with its own Client Portal built-in for no extra charge. Use this to share documents, record conversations and stay organised.  

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Screenshot 2020-10-25 at 13.35.00.png
Screenshot 2020-10-25 at 13.12.43.png

Need to quickly sync-up with your team who are out of the office? Want to get all parties for a property issue on the same page? With Rentancy you can write and chat with your team privately, with specific tenants as a group, with suppliers and more.

With Rentancy, connect property tasks and documents with messages from tenants, landlords and suppliers. Messages may be chats or email. All information is neatly organised by property and  contract. 

Without team collaboration it can become easy to lose track of the constant flow of information. Rentancy directly links chat tools to the properties and tasks being worked on. This allows teams to be more productive and improves communication. 

Delight clients and keep tenants happy by providing them with the Rentancy app for sharing documents, handling problems and communications. 

This means everyone has the right information at their fingertips.  Everything always organised and GDPR risk is reduced.

With email, attachments are often out of date before you have reviewed them. Plus it is easy to lose track of the correct version of the attached document. With Rentancy, your team can easily see the latest version, with all its relevant notes.

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