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Managing Agents and Landlords

Property Managers
Rentancy is unique, combining software + services to solve the back office needs of running property portfolios. We work in partnership with our clients to implement and deliver long term business advantage.


Sector expertise

Our people receive continuous training to ensure the highest service standards and technical competency.

Each client is assigned a team that is overseen by a team leader. They are professionally qualified and have substantial operational experience, often 10 years or more.

Team approach

Rentancy brings a team approach to each client engagement. 


We are organised and have an attention to detail. We run stand-up meetings and feedback sessions. We bring strong expertise, best practices and know-how.

Cost effective & scalable

We use a mix of onshore and near-shore staff members to achieve a compelling cost advantage - typically 35% or more.


For clients, this saves time dealing with frequent staff turnover and wage increases. Rentancy provides one simple inclusive price / property / month.  

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Our software platform can be used standalone or bundled with our services.


Designed for modern property businesses with collaboration and communication at its heart. Rentancy software has everything needed to handle advanced property portfolios, client accounts and complex agent / landlord financial arrangements.

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Automated finance

Rentancy automates rent collection, client account cash,  statements and more - all from one place.

Work anywhere anytime

See all your letting data in one place, online and accessible wherever you have an internet connection.

Communications hub

Message tenants and landlords using Whatsapp or email from one place using Rentancy. 

Easy setup

Never miss a compliance deadline, tenancy event or task deadline with our smart calendar that works at a property level.

Follow a logical end-to-end flow for property jobs, from problem report to tasks to works order and billing.

We take care of everything. We carry across cash client, tenant and supplier balances. We load property and tenancy data so its all ready to go.

Take your properties wherever you go

Put your properties in the palm of your hand  - on the street or from the beach 
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HMO Focus

Learn how Rentancy handles the complexity of HMOs

Working with contracts and multiple tenants

Managing all up-coming activity for a property

Working with property documents


Automated finance

Rentancy does everything you need as an agent with a client account or as a landlord with a P&L. Enjoy hassle free rent collection, reconciliations and reporting

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Agents - automate and simplify client accounting 

Rentancy connects and works with Xero (a leader in financial accounting software). Together we provide your business with a rock solid foundation that your Accountant will understand and value.

Rentancy provides the rent management layer on top to automate rental income, client money reconciliation and statement generation. Run pay-in, pay-outs whether you handle 50, 500 or 1000+ properties.

Xero takes care of the ledger, invoice generation, bill management as well as integration with GoCardless, Stripe and more.

Easy bill management

Rentancy makes it easy for your property managers approve bills based on the client balances. Everything is automated to a few clicks speeding the daily bank reconciliation process. 

Eliminate risk from managing your client money.  


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Pay your clients on time, accurately every month

Rentancy keeps track of each client balance per property so you know in real-time how much is owed, what is due to be paid out, what the float is you are holding and more.  


Rentancy + Xero provides all the critical financial reports you need to run a property business and have business information at your finger tips.


Manage your portfolio and make better decisions.


- Client balances by property

- Non Resident Landlord Reports

- Consolidated Client Statements

- Profit by Property

- Deposit Balances

- Tenant Balances

- Export for XLS 


Streamlined operations

Organise and manage everything needed to keep tenants happy, properties compliant, repairs on track and move-ins or outs smooth.


Track your property at a glance

Property Activity shows in one single view all: compliance, pre-planned maintenance, document renewals and ad-hoc tasks for a property. Neatly organised as a timeline so you never miss a date or action.


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Upload property documents such as gas, electricity, Health & Safety and set their renewal dates in a few clicks. Receive up to 2 reminders by email and notification before the deadline. Makes managing hundreds of properties quick and easy. 

Create tasks for your properties and teams on the go using PC or mobile app. 

Assign due dates, append notes, link to a property or contract all in just a couple of taps.


Communications hub

Rentancy comes with a unique, built-in, communications hub for managing Whatsapp, email and chat with tenants, landlords, suppliers and team,

Rentancy is the ideal solution for keeping tenants, landlords and team informed.

Rentancy connects to Whatsapp, which is used universally. Messaging is fast and convenient. Use email for more formal letters and communications. Track unresolved messages and auto assign based on team members assigned to properties.

A major advantage is that all communications are centralised, so if a staff member leaves, the messages are not lost it stored on their phone. Keep everything in one place, safe and secure.

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See your team and tenant messages conveniently organised by last update.

Mark conversations as resolved when no longer needed and streamline your day.

Accessible by web or mobile app

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Rentancy lets your team and tenants capture problems by email, Whatsapp, mobile app or web form. Rentancy turns them into tasks that can be progressed, downgraded or upgraded into work orders.  

Everything is integrated into a single unified workflow.

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