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AI Assistant Beta


For small teams to use for an unlimited period of time. 


Up to 10 properties

£0 / mo

Top features:


Tenant Management

Team Collaboration

Problem Reporting

Property Management

Document Management

Tasks & Reminders

Own Branding

E-mail support

Assistant gets your todos done faster

Rentancy uses the latest tech in artificial intelligence to read documents and extract information, automatically creating reminders, new contacts and ‘to-dos’. 


Once Assistant has read a document, it builds the actions it thinks you need to consider. All you need to do is review its proposals and either accept, modify or ignore... its that simple. Assistant can create:

  • Calendar events for compliance renewal dates.

  • Tasks for when corrective action is required.

  • New supplier records for bills/reports.

  • New properties.

  • New lease / tenancy records.

  • And more.

Assistant is already smart and can process for following UK documents:

  • Bills

  • Invoices 

  • Receipts

  • Gas Certificates

  • Electrical Certificates

  • Contracts of tenancies and leases

  • Property Details

  • Health & Safety Audits

  • Asbestos Audits

Assistant is learning document types every month


Today many property managers either repetitively key data from a mountain of paperwork or simply leave the data lost in emails or filed in draws.

By using Rentancy Assistant, your portfolio records will be more complete, errors will be reduced and your team will get their time back to focus on relationship building and winning the next client or tenant.

Rentancy Assistant is currently in Beta. This means the feature is new and at an early stage. We are happy with accuracy of the service and every day the Assistant is becoming smarter and faster. 

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